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Music That Brings You Home.

Discover the artistry and passion of Nomalungelo, a gifted African performer whose music has been played worldwide. Enjoy her inspired music that nourishes nostalgia for home and experience a decade of her mastery in sound design, songwriting, and production.

Story Time:


Nomalungelo, a singer-songwriter from the Kingdom of Eswatini, grew up with a desire to hear more popular music in her native Siswati. With determination and creativity, she blended Siswati with modern English composition styles, creating a unique sound that resonates with listeners. Her music not only entertains but also nurtures nostalgia for home, inspiring the next generation to embrace their authentic voices.

About Nomalungelo
"Finding my voice has been the most challenging part of my journey, as there were few examples of the styles I love in SiSwati. Yet, my determination led me to become one of the pioneering women in this space."




Latest Releases:

Listen to Nomalungelo's newest tracks Beketela and Moya. Experience the fusion of Siswati and modern music styles.


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A Rare Commodity 

01 Songwriter 

"Words and melodies to me are like, the heart and blood. Words move me, music sustains me, both needed for the survival of the other. I write, and share to survive." Nomalungelo. 

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Book Nomalungelo as an MC for your events. Her charismatic presence and engaging style will make any event memorable.

03 ​Music Blogger

Follow Nomalungelo's music blog for insights, reviews, and commentary on music industry business tips.

04 Motivational Speaker

Invite Nomalungelo to speak at your next event. Her inspirational journey and empowering messages will motivate and uplift your audience.


 Be dazzled by 
Nomalungelo Music.

Take a journey with Nomalungelo's music, and get lost in the sounds that are both soulful and fun. Follow the link below to her latest music video. 

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