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Feel the soul of Africa with Nomalungelo.
Join Nomalungelo on a musical journey across the African continent, experiencing music that's inspired and nurtured nostalgia for home. Over a decade of performances and productions have been aired worldwide, so come join her and feel the soul of Africa.

Music That Brings You Home.

Discover the artistry and passion of, a veteran African performer whose music has been aired worldwide. Enjoy her inspired music that nourishes nostalgia for home and experience a decade of her mastery in sound design, songwriting and production.

Get your groove on with
Let the enchanting sounds of African music take you away! Download the latest from and get your groove on. With over a decade of experience, she’s mastered her craft and earned her spot as a beloved brand ambassador. Get ready to dance to the delightful beats of!

Mind            | Rhythm           |Soul

Get dazzled with Nomalungelo Music.

Take a journey with Nomalungelo's music, and get lost in the sounds that are both soulful and fun. Download her songs today to experience the nostalgia of home, and let her passionate productions transport you to another world.

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